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Q: How do I know that the mover I am considering is legitimate?

A. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous people who use the moving industry as a way to scam individuals. You should always verify the legitimacy of any moving company you hire. You can contact the Michigan Movers Association (MMA) at (517)-327-9207 or visit their website at to confirm that the company you are considering is a member, thus eligible to perform intrastate moves. Likewise, on moves within Michigan of under 40 miles one way, you can contact the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (CVED) (517) 284-3250 to check and see if the mover has registered properly with that state agency which governs household moves. Finally, contact the Better Business Bureau serving your region to ensure the mover does not have any outstanding and unresolved complaints.

Q. How do I know if my quote is fair?

A. On local moves (moves of less than 40 miles one way within Michigan) each mover can set an hourly rate or flat rate as they choose. Make sure to get a quote in writing. Typically, a mover will charge for two men at a set hourly rate for an estimated number of hours depending on the amount of goods to be moved.

Moves of over 40 miles one way within Michigan are called intrastate moves and are based on weight plus distance. In Michigan, intrastate moves are also subject to a fuel surcharge which varies depending on the price of fuel. If you obtain three quotes for an intrastate move, and (for example) one quote is $800, the second is $825 and the third quote is $450, beware of unrealistic pricing! You could see a large increase at the end of the move if the third mover underestimated the weight of the move or if they are low-balling with the intent of presenting a large bill at the time of delivery. The Michigan moving industry tariff regulates pricing so every quote you receive should be relatively similar, assuming the salesman correctly computed the weight and distance of the household goods to be moved. Check with the MMA and CVED! Make sure your mover is licensed, legitimate and experienced.

Q. What if something breaks?

A. First, before the move, contact your homeowner's insurance agent to determine what coverage would be provided should any of your possessions be lost or damaged. You can declare a lump sum value for your possessions (called Released Value Protection) and a specified charge will be assessed per $100 of declared value. Michigan Movers Association members are professionals and will invariably negotiate a settlement on items that are damaged or broken. Be fair and composed and you will receive fair replacement compensation! At the time you receive your quote, every mover is required to provide you with the MMA/CVED required General Information Guide. This detailed brochure covers your multiple insurance options in greater detail. It is also posted on this site for your viewing. Your mover will always be happy to explain your options as well.

Q. What if I have an unresolved problem with my mover?

A. While all members of the Michigan Movers Association are professionals, sometimes disputes will occur. We always encourage customers to speak directly to the owner of the moving company they used and in the vast majority of cases, that will be all that is needed to solve the problem. If you as a customer are still not satisfied, you can contact the Michigan Movers Association at (517) 338-3031 or CVED at (517) 284-3250. If you feel that laws have been broken, Mr. Eurich may suggest you take your case directly to the Michigan Public Service Commission, the household goods moving industry regulator.

Got a question? Need information or advice? Contact the MMA at (517) 338-3031 or

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